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09 April 2009 @ 05:58 pm
American Hi-Fi... <3  
American Hi-Fi!! Enjoyyy.


I need a bigger mood
to block out the sun
I don't wanna see what I've become
and you could fight your way
give back what you really want
it's nothing special anyway

yeah you're always in my way
I'm falling faster everyday
yeah you're always in my way
I gotta spit you out
you bring me down
everything just crashes to the ground
cause you were always in my way

I can feel a break,
a bruise from another day
it's hard to say just what I feel
it all seems broken now
when I'm stuck on the in between
staring at something out of reach


I'm holding on, I'm waiting for your call
It's simple but I can't explain this
I'm sinking down, I feel like I could die
I'm falling off, I don't know why

I still believe it when you say
It's another perfect day

So I might try to leave it all behind
I know tomorrow's not so bright now
I'll say goodbye cause nothing good can last
You wear and figure no where fast
When today I don't know how to keep it all inside
But I guess I'll let it slide

Today I don't know why
I thought that it was real
But I guess it's no big deal


The longer we can see it through
The more we make believe

Baby likes a blue sky
I don't mind if it's gonna rain on me sometime
Maybe got her mind made up for sure
Baby won't you come back home?

All the people that we love
Disappoint us the most
Makeshift friends and low demands
We're running outta time


I'll fuck it up again,
What you want anyway
We keep falling in love
What a beautiful disaster


And I'm ok but every time you call
I can't hear a sound
So I'll try to stay, but when I feel a wave
I'm already gone

To where I stand but everything's the same
Now watch me walk away
Something's wrong,
Nothing like before
And I'm already gone

I think I'm starting to crash at last


I wanna get out when everything's alright
can't you see I'm a wreck gonna crash and burn
I wanna get out I've done my time

I'm not asking for much just get outta my way
I'm in the eye of the storm beautiful blue day


She's on fire, like a rocket spinning out of control
Try to stop her but you just don't know
How to keep it inside

She don't know what she does to me
The girl got soul and rhythm in between
I crash and burn like every other time
She's my little rock n roll queen
I got a girl like that
My baby's built for speed

Shoot to kill, built to spill
Got a mind, take your pills
But your never gonna get to what thrills all of us inside
Can you put the pedal to the metal this time
You gotta want it like I want it all right
We gotta start tonight


i don't need to know why
'cause tommorow i'll be fine
i should learn to be still
if i close my eye
i'll realize what you meant

don't wait for the sun
it could turn black any day
i lost my hat in the clouds
when will the haze go away?
i never wanted this

now it's all i've got
someone else is keeping time
i think i'm falling apart
if you were me would you do it like i do?

so don't wait for the sun
it could turn black any day
you're all that i wanted


She paints her nails and she don't know,
He's got her best friend on the phone
She'll wash her hair, his dirty clothes
Or all he gives to her
And he's got posters on the wall
Of all the girls he wished she was
And he means everything to her

Her boyfriend, he don't know anything about her
He's too stoned, Nintendo
I wish that I could make her see,
She's just the flavor of the weak

It's Friday night and she's all alone,
He's a million miles away
She's dressed to kill, but the TV's on,
He's connected to the sound
And he's got pictures on the wall
Of all the girls he's loved before,
And she knows all his favorite songs


I see you in a daydream,
Turn it on now, make a big scene
You kiss when you want something
Fake a smile now, you got it all

Keep your head down till the bitter end
Make believe that your my best friend
You trade passion for fashion
Nothings cool like when we were cool

You fall through to cracks of the city street
You can't see straight

I see you in a daydream
Turn it on now make a big scene
It makes you happy


I don't understand
How we drift so far away
I keep on holding on
But your hands are feeling so numb

Nobody told me that there would be days like these
I'm falling baby can't you see
And you're in no hurry to keep me from coming undone
Take a look at what we've become

Where do we go from here?
I don't wanna disappear
Our hearts are on parade
So you can watch them fade

I don't understand how the worst of times
Get stuck in your mind
I'd like to take away
All the stupid things that we say


She's everything that you need
The kinda girl we all dream of

She got the stars in her eyes
And she don't mind if you tease her
Can't get her outta my mind

You know it hurts when she looks so bad
Can't you see you're the best thing I never had
I'm walking out the door before I act like a fool


I wanna turn you on again
turn you around and maybe then tune you out
I don't know how to make it real
what ever you want it's not big deal


Nobody really knows the pain
But everybody knows your name
You've got their full attention, all eyes on you
Small talk can get you through the day
There's got to be a better way

Smile and a wink hello
When the picture's gone
Fading to black he's poppin' down prozac
Nobody knows the highs and the lows

Sports cars and fancy souvenirs
That you collected all these years
So proud and self assured, hold your head high
A chest of broken memories
Of how and why and what could be
Still locked inside your closet
You can't fake it


I never know what to do or what to say to you
one look and you'll knock me out
you put me on the floor with a ten count
I don't wanna make a scene I gotta make you see
that I've been waiting for a girl like you

don't wanna make you hurt
don't wanna make you feel
like the world ain't on your side
like you're never gonna get it right
no I can't fight I can't sleep at night
just thinking about you girl
I'm a fool for you

you've been on my mind
since I saw you walking by
I knew I had to know you better you were everything
but I didn't know what to say
so you just walked away
I couldn't believe what a fool I was to let you go


Roll me like we're tumbling dice
A wrecking ball rag doll ain't no breathing space
All the tapes have been erased
Prize fighter taking all the punches he can stand
And dropping on command
All my dreams are trying to come true
But all I ever wanted was you

What you don't understand
Forget the master plan
I'd give it all away to have you back again
I said it in my letter
So we could make it better
No need for you to read between the lines
Baby can I be your baby
Maybe won't do

Someday you'll see
All our worlds collide
Way out in space


by the sound of your voice
I can tell that you have no choice
falling away
wish there was something I'd say
to take it all back


Now that you gone I'm moving on
You wrecked it all
There's nothing left to lose


they don't understand
so they try the best they can
to push it all away

she says everybody puts their faith
in someone they cannot see
yet i'm standing right here
you won't believe in me
tell me what it takes
so i don't feel fake
and i try to be good for goodness sake
all i ask from you is please don't push me away

and i don't know what they've said to you
while some of it just may be true
i need some time i'll be fine
don't push me away

go ahead do what you may
i got nothing to say
you said it all before
on your way out the door
i can't keep losing you
i can't keep going through
the same thing everyday
go ahead, push me away


I don't know what I can take
Can you feel the pressure break
I've been getting by on nothing
How long so long
Feeling like I lost my vision
Transmission full of dead ambition
Kinda sorta gotta get it together
I can't wait forever

Rise out of the atmosphere
I gotta disappear
I gotta get out of here
You got the best of me


faded in the blackout you left me in
it's safer on the outside
I'm swimming in
this kerosene it's hard to breathe
statics got me down

I can't sleep, I'm disconnected
everything went wrong
and certain stars are sad and bruised
like someone's cheating heart


I've been so low
Yeah, I've been so strung out
Can you picture this?
I'll take something,
It's better than nothing
Anything that you've go to give

I can't let go, I don't want you to know
I've been down so long
Could you save me?
I'll fight my way
Just to hear you say
If I go up in flames
Could you save me?

The more you whisper
The words keep stinging in my ear
We're never gonna be the same
Sunshine fading and black sheets
Raining down on me
They cover up everything


I could hang around
you could let me down again
but it's killing me
I can't waste a sound again
you'll break me if you can

drag me down again
it's hard to be your scar
a frozen satellite
you never got that far
it's hard to be your scar

every sorry lie
I can't live that down no
so you'll wait and see
I'm caught between the seam and me
you'll break me if you can


No one told me there'd be days like these
I'm sick of sinkin' man I'm on my knees
Tell me again just why you lied to me
It's separation anxiety

To stop the bleedin'
Get on the right track
We'll never make it back
You go the wrong way
You're goin' my way
All the things I've said to you are over now
And I just can't get over you

Since you've been gone I kinda fall apart
I knew you'd leave me from the very start
Tell me again just what you want from me
It's separation anxiety


Staring down the boulevard
Crescent heights the city lights the way
To another wasted day
Shiny cars and shooting stars
California dreaming in my ear
I just wish that you were here

I'm dealing with scars
Just trying to see who we are
Nobody said it would be easy
Fighting your way through another day
I think I know how you feel
Looking for something that matters
Keeping it together when it's all been shattered
We all want something real

Summer's on a holiday
Pills to chase the blues away
Who knows just how far this story goes
So listen to the radio
Turn it up so you can sing along
Even though the notes are wrong
I'm building up walls
And trying to break all the falls

All your life you're wondering
We don't know what's happening
Somethings gotta give
Falling through the atmosphere
See the world in black and white
These pictures coming clear
How many times I wished that you were here


Maybe you can see
I'm still kinda sideways,
I'm wasting away,
And something's got me thinking
It might be nothing,
But I'm wasting away

Tomorrow never let's me see,
But I don't know who you are
It's hard enough to feel this way
I'm holding on but you move too slow


I need a better way to get my head straight
it's not like anybody would know
gotta silver cloud high above me
running circles around and round me


So what if you don't like me
I don't give a fuck if you don't like me
I can change my lock
It seems that I'm rotten to the core

It's all wrong
I guess that some of us have come and gone
I guess we kinda shoulda known it all along
Never going anywhere
Sometimes you gotta pick it up and roll the dice
Your looking back and then you don't think twice
'Bout feeling lonely everyday


But nothing seems to feel alright
I don't want your sympathy
I just need a little therapy
At least that's what they say to me

Don't tell me what to do
I don't wanna be like you
Can't you see it's killing me?
I'm my own worst enemy
Knock me down I'll keep on moving
It's the art of losing

Fit the mold and do what you're told
Get a job and start growing old
9 to 5 can make your dreams come true
But I don't wanna be like you
I'm not cool and I'll never be
I break the rules and I guarantee
I don't want your sympathy
I just need a little therapy
At least that's what they say to me


I can't believe I hung around with you
All this time
You drove me crazy with your ocd
Girl your out of your mind
I'm counting on ufos to beam me up
I just don't know
How long I can take this shit
I'm over it girl you gotta go

It's over were over
Just like in crimson and clover
Were sinking and I'm thinking
How the hell did we get so stupid
It's the end ex girlfriend
I don't care what you think of me now
So long your gone
This is the break up song

One more thing before you go
Would you please give me my records back
My bloody valentine, the pixies, cheap trick and back in black
You can keep the dog we bought
But you can't go near the standard bar
Don't hang around
Don't call my friends
They wont know who you are


The wonder of it all
Caught up in the everlasting fall
Watch the years roll by
Counting shooting stars across the sky
You can wait a whole lifetime to figure it out
The best days are the ones we forgot about

We know everything must have an end, we can't pretend
It's so nice of you to stick around


Her head keeps spinning round
I'm in over my head
There's an art to falling down


I wish we could go back to the beginning
'cause there's something missing from your eyes
We lost a lifetime when I disappeared,
now I am coming back to you

I wish I could fly, I know I can save us somehow
You thought you were safe and sound but you need a hero now
You gotta believe even with broken wings,
I've come to your rescue and you can't rescue me

Summer's the season
but you're cold and freezing,
if there's a reason it's a lie
When did I lose you,
I need you to pull through,
the weight of the world never felt so alive


And this is the sound of the broken down
And this is the last train home, the only underground
And this is the fall, don't catch me if I fall
Just catch me when I fall back to the ground

Lightning crashes all around me now
I hear its sound
Broken wings can carry us to where the people stare
Fall asleep against the window pane
Outside the rain covers everyone
Now we're never gonna see the sun


I'll do everything,
But you're not that way,
I'm lost around you,
And you'll do everything,
With the same old lies,
But I can't even try

Yeah you get me high,
I'm feelin' so low,
How far will you let me go?

Nothin' means a thing
When you're cold and gray
I'll fall behind you
I'll make the same mistakes
With the same old lies


it don't mean nothing
when you say it's gonna be alright
cause you'll tell me anything I wanna hear
and it don't mean nothing
when you laugh at my jokes
cause it's all or nothing when I fall apart

you're under my skin now
I could shut out the world that we know
I'll try to be everything you want me to be
and I've gotta head start
but I'm making the same mistakes
cause it's all or nothing when I fall apart

caught in the rush of the crowd
lost in a wall of sound
you were ringing in my ear


Hey, you see that girl?
She's the one that wrecked my world
Think you're gonna take it far
She don't wanna know who you are

One thing you gotta know
I thought I did everything just to keep you around
I hope that you're happy now
I'll keep my good intentions and you keep the car
This story's coming to an end
Baby we can't be friends

What makes you think I'd wanna call?
I forgot your number
What makes you think I care at all?


It's getting hard
but you don't even know
maybe you can't see
I'm getting tired
I've been still
I'll panic on


I got a picture of a photograph of you,
riding in my car playing 'Big Star'
it's never growing old blasted mellow cold.
Knew it all along we love the 'Sweater Song'

To back the sound and what we dig,
make it like when 'The Breeders' were big,
everyone would sing along, sing along our favorite songs


Monday morning and the coffee's on
What happened to my perfect world
Front page news she's already gone
Say hello to the goodbye girl

9 to 5 keep it all alive
Some days are hard to survive
I feel so down about it

I don't wanna be alone
Just waiting by the phone
I can't stand another night on my own
With a new day rising, realizing
That you gotta be free break it down to you and me
Is it everything you want it to be
I wanted you all along
So where did we go wrong?

Never had a lot of money
But we spent a good time in the city
Drinking wine and watching the tele
Old movies she sure looked pretty
This kitchen feels so alone
Haven't cleaned since she's been gone
Spend my nights at your favorite bar
And wonder where you are
I feel so down about it

I don't wanna turn back time
I just wanna change your mind
I just want a chance to prove to you
I really wanna chase these clouds away
Save them for a rainy day
There's nothing left to say

<3 Ally
starsxc0llidestarsxc0llide on May 19th, 2009 02:37 pm (UTC)
lol yeah i know... i might start going out of order for people like you and for myself ;)
just keep checking! being home for the summer gives me lots of time now!! hahah.. and thanks <3