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13 November 2008 @ 02:52 pm
All 4 One [Part Two]  
All 4 One part 2!


i wanted to talk to you, pick up the phone
i don't want to be alone
said, i need someone to hold on tight
get ready for this magical ride
helplessly, i'm falling so deep
what am i supposed to do?
love's too big a word, baby, to hold inside

love is more than just another 4-letter word
can't fight the feeling, no matter what you do

today were together, tomorrow we're apart
this how our daily life goes
it really doesn't matter, baby, what's going on
we're still in love, everyone knows

if i need a helping hand i can count on you
mornin' noon or evenin' time, it's always the same
you'll always be there, i can count on you


from the very first moment that i looked in your eyes
baby, what can i say, i've been lost in a daze
i never thought i'd find a love like this 'til you came my way
though, i hoped and i prayed that i'd find you someday
'cause you opened my heart
this precious gift of love
i'm thankful for you every day

i'm crazy over you, tell me what am i supposed to do?
fallin' head right over heels, lose my mind when i'm with you
i've been walkin' on cloud nine, thinkin' about you all the time
i'm a fool in love, oh yeah, ain't no doubt about it

never been more sure of anything in my life
you know i'll always be there i'm gonna love you forever, baby
let's talk about tomorrow and the rest of our lives
till the end of time i'm gonna stand by your side

no doubt, when your lips are touchin' mine
no doubt, when you look into my eyes
no doubt, i just wanna be with you


Sittin' here starin' at the wall
Another lonely tear falls
I'm tryin' to write you this song
But I can hardly see the page at all
'Cause it's breaking my heart
When I look in your eyes
And I don't see me anymore
Oh, and you're all I'm living for

Baby, tell me that you still believe,
That you still love me the way I love you
If you take your love away from me,
You know I would die
'Cause I'm not ready for goodbye

Baby, please pick up the phone
Tell me I'm crazy, I got it all wrong
I don't know what I'm gonna do
I don't know how to live without you

You are the first song
My heart ever heard
And baby, I believed every word
You are my heart, my soul, my world

Every breath that I take, every beat of my heart
You know it's all for you
I wanna hold you, I wanna love you
Forever and always


girl, i know that there are times
when i don't listen to you
and maybe, i know, it seems that i am untrue
but give me one more chance
and i'll prove my love to you
and oh, girl i'll do anything to be back with you
i'll show affection and anything you choose
and i'll do all this to prove that i love you
i do love you

girl you know i'll love you and i care
and if you ever need me i will always be there
i'm missin' all the love
that you and i shared

and oh, girl, you and i should never be apart
so can we try it again
and make a brand new start?
you know i love with all my heart

when i look in your eyes
i don't see me any more
so can we try it one more time
before you walk out that door?
and oh, girl, i'm sorry i didn't understand
that all you wanted was a sensitive man
so i'll do all that i can to show you i love you
baby, i do love you

you know girl, i love you so much
i just can't understand how come
why things can work out for us
if i could only tell you right how i feel
i know everything between you and me would be all right
know i love you baby


one summer night, we fell in love
one summer night, i held you tight
you and i, under the moon of love

you kissed me oh so tenderly
and i knew this was love
and as i held you oh so close
i knew no one could ever take your place

baby, i love you so much
when i hold you in my arms
i feel eternal love
i don't ever want to lose your love
i want our love to last forever


I saw you yesterday
And you tried to not see me
But as our eyes said hello
I wondered if we'd ever be close
'Cause you keep playing games with me
Telling me you're feeling me
I just want to believe you're down with me
But I can't let myself be so naive

What's it gonna take to make you serious?
Is it love? It is trust?
Baby, won't you take a chance on us
How can I make you feel just the way I do?
I keep giving you the sign
But you gotta open up your eyes

You called me to explain
Why you couldn't talk to me
You said that you needed space
And now you say that you still want me
If it's love you want, if it's love you need
Why can't you see that we could be
Everything you want and everything that you need
Girl open up your eyes and you will see

Girl I wish that you would just make up your mind
Cuz it seems to me we're running out of time
Baby I'm tired of all your alibis
And I wish that you'd just open up your eyes


Friends ask me why I still try
But they never looked into your eyes

I'm tired of goin' round and round,
chasin' you all over town
girl you really need to slow it down
no use trying to get away,
I won't give up so easily

Won't you let me take you out tonight
Don't say no, just say you might
You and I can go paint the town
Say the word, I won't let you down
'Cause what you're getting isn't everything you see
The other guys want to get up in me
Then you can fall in love with me at last


i'll take my time, i'll go real slow
just tell me baby where you want me to go
i've got a secret, a secret about you
and it's all about the freaky things that we're gonna do
there ain't nothing that can keep me from you
'cause when we're through i'll know it's true
you like the thing that i do

i always see you inside my dreams
we've got the lights down, we're doing things
you kiss me here, i kiss you there,
it's time to get down, and get freaky everywhere
so baby don't be shy it's only me
we'll have a real good time doing our thang


i carry a photograph
girl, of the way you used to be
love looking back at me, now it's just a memory
you were all laughter then
and you were my light when it was dark
how did we lose our way, how did we fall apart

so when you smile like mona lisa
my heart falls to pieces
'cause smiling just can't hide
all the sadness in your eyes
if i could only hold you
love you like i used to
but girl what can i do

the way that i held you close
the way that you whispered my name
we made a work of art
know there's just an empty frame


as we stroll along together
holding hands walking all along
so in love are we two
that we don't know what to do
so in love, in a world of our own
as we walk by the sea together
under stars twinkling high above

i tell you, i need you oh so much
i love, i love you my darling
can you tell it in my touch

as we walk down the aisle together
we will vow to be together till we die
so in love are we two
just can't wait to say i do
so in love, in a world of our own
so in love are you and i

baby, i hope you realize
that you mean so much to me
you're everything i ever wanted in a woman
to touch, to feel your body close to me
and i just want to hold you in my arms forever
can you tell it in my touch


you and me have got a special thang
a love like ours could never be replaced
and all this time i've only been with you
'cause you have made all my dreams come true

you are the only love i know
and i'll never let you go
you are the sunshine in my life
and one day you'll be my wife
and all my friends wish they could be in love
with someone just like me
a love that's sent from up above
'cause everybody needs somebody to love

every guy should have a girl like you
someone so sweet that there's nothing
she won't do to make you smile
and brighten up your day
like call you up just to see if your ok

and every day when i see you turn all my gray sky blue
you make me smile you make me sing
you make me do those crazy things
and baby you're the air that i breathe
and i'd die girl if you leave
'cause babygirl it'd be so cool if everybody
had someone like you

everybody needs somebody
someone just like you who's heaven sent


oh, baby can't you see
i want you here with me forever and a day
'cause girl you're so fine
you got me mezmorized
just by the way you carry yourself
so can i spend some time alone with you
and show you all the thing i wanna do
like take you out and have a real good time
'cause girl i can't get you off of my mind


but then you stepped to me and asked me my name
i gave ya my number and time we could meet
then i watched that booty swingin' as you walked away
i knew it was on cause
oh baby you're the bomb


i hear the sound of your heart beating
don't say a word i know what you're feeling
just hold me close, don't be afraid
these arms won't let your heart break

these eyes will worship you and adore you
these hands will love you every day
darlin' the only guarantee i can make
these arms won't let your heart break


baby, i think i've finally found the girl of my dreams
and lady, i just need to know if you feel the same about me
'cause no one's ever touched me quite the way you do
you've got me thinkin' 'bout you day and night
and i've just got to know if it's the same for you
do you wanna spend forever by my side?

i love you baby
think you're the one for me
and you'll always be the one that i love

oh girl, when i feel your heart beating so close to mine
i feel so helpless, i must be falling in love
'cause i want you all of the time

and lady you will always be
the only girl i want in my life
and there is only one place that i'd rather be
and that's forever and ever by your side


she touched the world with her smile
and paved the way so many times
the look in her always of love
sometimes at night i heard her in pain
though she'd never tell me
no trace of a ' - that's just how she was
and she was the sunshine of my morning
her cloud of love floating by
she looked up to the heavens one day
and heard him say
it's time to come home

her love was always a blanket of joy in world so cold
i knew i'd never be, be alone
and through the heart she held me tight
she said she believed in me
her gift was love and it kept me strong


i've been meaning to tell you
that from far away, baby, you caught my eye
you must be from heaven
'cause the way you move
i can't deny that tonight i want to kiss you
i can't resist you

just let me hold you
let me find away to show you what's in my heart
now and forever, just the two of us
and we'll never be apart

from the moment i saw you
i knew you were the one for me
and know that we are together
i don't want to set you free


what would it take
to turn your heart my way
to move you with each word that i say
'cause i just want to learn
and i just want to know

i just want to hold you baby forever
chances like these are seldom and few
and this is one chance i'm not going to lose

i'd buy you the stars
for whatever they're worth
to spell out this love across the universe
i'll do whatever you want
you can swear upon this love
for whatever you want

just one kiss would seal our fate
just one chance is all it takes
so open your soul and let me in
it's up to you baby
to let this love begin

you're the dream i've been waiting for
in a world where dreams are fleeting
your love is a miracle
that my soul been needing


what can i do to show my love to you
i'd face enormous pain, run through the wind and rain
girl, anything, i'll do
the smile on your face is like a joy that can't be placed
it runs all over me, and takes a hold of me
don't let it fade away

'cause i keep thinkin' 'bout ya every night in every way
thinkin' to myself it might be too late
it's gonna be real hard, i hope that i can take it
i really don't know how i'm gonna make it
i can't go on without you

what can i say to tell ya that i'm sorry?
the thing that i said can't be true
my mind wasn't thinkin' when i let you walk out that door
'cause babe, babe i love you and you know it

i'll try to find a way i can make it
a way to go on without you here
i'll time the hours till you come back
and count the days till you appear
it's gonna be real hard, i hope that i can take it
i really don't know how i'm gonna make it

now i agree that i never should have let you go
and if i hurt you then i'm sorry, i didn't know
i'll try to be a better man, the one you care for
and if that's not enough just tell me i'll give you more
so smoothly lay back is what i'm gonna do
'cause baby i can't go on without you

<3 Ally