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30 June 2008 @ 03:19 pm
Alkaline Trio quotes: PART 1!!  
Alkaline Trio lyric-quotes! This was too long so i had to make 2 parts! Enjoy <3


i've got it now,
a thorn in my side the size of a cadillac
drive it through,
cause backin' up now would be next to impossible
i had it all
when i was with you i forgot about everything
eighteen months seems like fucking eternity
but you'll be there to dry my eyes when i breathe you in


alarm clock bells are screaming out the same routine again
scrape open your eyes,
rise and fucking shine,
7 a.m.
sit down, dead weight, and wonder
unsure, unslept, uncovered


I smile in regret
Everytime I think of how I spoke to you


And its way too easy to fake this smile lead you on
Maybe I'm wrong, but everyone gets bored once in awhile


I wrote the words to this song on the back of a photograph
Behind your back
It goes a little something like this

Before we say goodbye, give us something to believe in
We're not begging for too much, I don't think
Just need a goodbye kiss
One last salute before we sink


Rotten like a 3 week, half full, glass of breast milk, drunken off my ass
I would give anything to erase the past nine years of my life


In the palm of your hand, a resting place
All the guilt in the land resting on me
And we're crushing beneath it, falling beside ourselves
And we're wishing to break this neverending spell

Send us back to hell, we've had our fill of heaven
Give us back our sins deadly one through seven
Keep us from their hearts, saving us like ashes
Grind us down to dust, we'll never trust in anything we're told

Like the pills in your hand, I'll never let you down
And like the bugs in your bed, under my skin now
They're devouring all that's left of me


you came to me like a dream
the kind that always leaves
just as the best part starts, it ends so abruptly
and leaves you stunned and naked in your bedroom all alone
it's kinda funny how something so soothing
gets interrupted by the ring of a telephone

and you broke me like the cigarette that i busted on the day i quit
but now that i've been drinking
i'm outta smokes and i wish that i had it
woke up to my daily headache and the realization that you are gone
oh, my sweet darling happiness, you've been away from me all along

it's one thing that i never did was smile
missing a case
lacking a lid
my heart bleeds for what you never did


I'm glad I have people I call friends
If it was up to me I'd never have to miss you
It's for the better in the bitter end I guess you'd know the best

And when you decked me
You left me knocked out on the floor
I came to, bloodied up, but you weren't around
I picked my teeth off the ground like they'd been there before


And every night of this lonely summertime
I feel you missing from my heart
A part was kidnapped from my soul
Well I can hardly wait
Until I get the sun and your lips both pressing on my skin
Well I can hardly wait
Until I feel that thrill in my heart that starts inside your eyes


just one more line
i repeat over and over again till i'm blue in the face
with a choking regret
cuz i talked in circles around you on my bed
can't say i blame you one bit when you kept it all inside
when you left that night

and i don't dream since i quit sleeping
and i havent slept since i met you
and you can't breathe without coughing in daytime
neither can i
so what do you say?
your coffin or mine?


The sun was swallowed by the trees
The night was here for good
You pulled my hand and my head up
You put oxygen into my blood
You walked me through the gates like we were visitors for the day
You laid me down in the back seat
And you drove till I woke up to hear you say
You never lie but it's no fun to tell the truth
I guess I never loved but I will see what I can do
Got so much life to waste that I would take my days and hand them to you


Intending to burn, pretending to fight it
Everyone learns faster on fire
Things took a turn, lost all desire
You live and you burn


I wanna wake up naked next to you,
Kissing the curve in your clavicle

Been on top of the world since about 1 week ago,
Marking a time when I was drunk enough to talk to you
I lost all train of thought as your eyes met mine,
Told you I thought you were gorgeous,
You gave me your phone number, I gave you mine
Before you left I said that you can bet I'll be bothering you soon
You said "No bother, please do."

I've called you twice
It's been a hellish fight to not think about you all the time
Sitting around waiting for your call


i often wonder whats it feels like to be you
a mess like this stuck on your hands with crazy glue
ran out of time, no kiss goodbye
wish i could learn to let this sleeping dog die
without lying to myself


And I'm just tired enough
If I close my eyes I'll sleep for days


Wonder what it was that made you this way
Maybe as a baby, you dropped your rattle
And it still rattles you to this day
You better practice your evil looks in the mirror,
They don't work on me

Wonder what it was that made you this way
Maybe as a kid you toys were taken away,
And it still toys with you to this day


Got a taste of you
I threw up all night
And I got more sick
With every sour, second rate kiss
Everything I never would miss again


While you're counting sheep,
I'll count my lucky stars
You were the last good thing I ever saw


Side by side, dead and broken
Our hearts aren't the same since the night yours went stolen


I thought that you were joking
When you said you couldn't breathe
Turns out that you were choking
On a town you couldn't leave
You knew you'd never leave

I thought that you were laughing
When you cried your eyeballs out
And i don't mean to be prying
But what were you so sad about?
What are you still sad about?

Met your disappointment at the age of 9 years old
You were only 9 years old
From then on there would be no ointment
To take away these burns
To make that pain grow dull

Forever ain't that long
When your smile's stuck in your head like a pop song
All you think about is death
Your dirty head has gone unswept for way too long now


Like a time bomb or sudden death
It's gonna find you when you least expect
It's gonna leave you with the emptiest feeling inside

Falling like stars into the ocean black, we're gonna disappear
And anything left recognizable is rubbed away with fear
We've got our hearts dipped in time release
We've got the know-how and the elbow grease
We've got our victim all cut up down here on the floor
Over and out the door


so please don't say you won't be going out today
'cause anywhere i go won't be anything
if you're not hanging around

it's the blackest cloud,
and it opens up when i walk outside
and i'm all alone, an empty cell
the furnace chokes when i walk through the door of my broken home


There was a time when everything we did seemed second nature
There was a time when everything we did seemed free
And all in all I guess it's for the better
If you don't remember anything


im running dry of bad excuses
don't wanna lie or seem intrusive
but time hasn't told me anything
and neither has she

a pointsettia in poison rain
traded true love for insult and injury
we washed it down the drain
with one silver bullet and two vicatin

emma woke up in darkness, suitcase already packed
note on the bedstand signed in blood
"sincerely, never coming back"
a nightmare on my street the day she arrived
a nightmarish household in which she died
'cause it made her feel at home
somehow made me feel at home

we watched the sun fall crown
on a city that sleeps in a world upside down
a slow ticket straight out of town
you went out with a bang when you took with you
all my dreams underground


So where'd you go?
How was your vacation home?
Well, obviously you were busy, too busy for me
So this is how you leave me?
I'm broken hearted on the floor,
My tears seep through the crack under my door
Where I am locked in, shut down,
I'm so tired of picking myself up off the ground

So, Happy Valentine's Day
I hope the sun's out in New York
I hope he bought you roses


I know it's dark here
You know that I'm scared, too
For some reason right now
Of everything but you
Right now, you're all that I recognize
You know I came here
When I needed your soft voice
I needed to hear something
That sounded like an answer
And I'll wait here, and sometimes I get one

It's nothing I'll forget
When the moon gets tired
You're stuck to me every day
Believe in what I am
Because it's all I have today
And tomorrow who knows where we'll be

From here I can hardly see a thing
But I will follow anyone who brings me to you
For now, forever, for on and on and on

You know it starts here
Outside waiting in the cold
Kiss me once in the snow
I swear it never gets old
And I will promise you I can make it warmer next year

So go plug in your electric blanket
We could stay here till our southern summer wedding day


I couldn't hear a word you said,
I couldn't hear at all
You talked until your tongue fell out
And then you talked some more
I knew if I turned, i'd turn away from you
And I couldn't look back

Tell yourself we'll start again
Tell yourself it's not the end
Tell yourself it couldn't happen
Not this way, not today


Not sure how this is supposed to feel
Cutting like a red hot knife of surgical steel
Brought fresh from the autoclave
She came with sterile warnings screaming from her blade
Singing, "I wanna make you bleed"

I watched them fall in line,
As I fell victim to double suicide
On your television, we heard our records backwards too many times
I'm wasting my breath, we're wasting our time

Down on my knees, but not to pray
Hit so hard across the skull it buckled my legs
They told me I had hell to pay
I came too close to heaven
Had nothing to say for myself
I had to walk away


There’s no mystery no more, there’s no talking to you
You had other things in store
I guess i felt i was through
I answered every question as accurately as i could
I don’t hear from you no more, but i get the message

crashed your car through my front door
i pulled you from the wreckage
you told me that you missed me
but you meant with the grill and hood
you’d kill me if you could

if it’s okay, i’ll just grab my shit and leave
i won’t say one word
i’ll keep my tricks up my sleeve
you flew off the handle, you opened fire on me
put me down, put me out of misery
i’m fatally yours
you set fire to me that night
lit and left me burning, out of my mind,
but in my sight, i saw the tables turning
i had a friend that needed me
had a wish that won't come true
now it's killing two


Well I'll sit here and convince myself it's true
If you keep on telling your friends that we're through
I've got nothing here but loneliness
Holes in walls and bleeding fists

Well, my friends and I try to tell me you're gone
Won't listen to myself or anyone
You got on a plane and off you went
You're never coming back again

I'm trying to convince myself it's true
Convincing myself i'll be just fine without you
I'll be here telling myself it's true

I sit here trying to convince myself it's true
But you keep on pretending you have no clue
I'd kill for you and eat the flesh,
Give you the heart and burn the rest
A thousand miles ain't shit to walk if I'm walking to hold you


My, my what a mess was made of my head
When I heard what you'd been through that day
It appears a violent storm's passed through you recently
Letters meant to be sent have been torn
The phone lies off the hook, on the floor
All these "I'm sorry's" and "I miss you's" are useless,
I fucked this one up long ago
And all your lonely nights in the city of lights are much like
All these crowded bars I so often find my stupid self stumbling through


take your wings outside, you can't fly in here
besides, a purple sky is better soaring for you, my angel
your angel, you little devil
as for me, i'll stay inside
i'll be just fine, and i'll watch from the window

and we say goodbye and go underground, or up towards the sky
up in smoke burnt down to size
at least we're still friends, at least we're still alive

take your wings outside, no use for them in here
bad luck to open inside, work like umbrellas, like a broken mirror
it's getting clearer, the end is closer than ever before
and you'll want nothing more when your head hits the floor
and you're lost in the darkness and we say goodbye


Sit down, please make yourself comfortable
I might need some time to dance around what I need to say
I love you to death, I think I need a break

This is the way we disappear
It's easy if you burnout like a star
This is the way we disappear
It's easy like a fifty foot fall

I'm waiting for whatever better time
to evict these words that have rented out my mind
and I'm hating every minute that I don't speak aloud,
like a year laying down


heaven is the hole of the heart
and heaven don't tear us apart


I gave up on you a long time ago
How can you blame me?
We made plans to meet and you never showed,
You kept me waiting
They said everything would work out just fine,
They said you'd help me
But as it turns out it was all a lie
And they're off someplace far away laughing at me

You've been there for me one time in my life, but it didn't matter
You came and went so fast
All my hope and faith in you shattered
And now here I sit alone in this room, no one to confide in
You watched all my dreams come apart at the seams
You laughed, you left, you waited in hiding

They said everything would work out just fine
I just went crazy
But I'm better now having a good time
Being selfish, and drunken, and vulgar, and lazy


well, it's not fair, it's not even close
you tied me down where i'm forced to watch
as you poke holes in every part of me
containing something secretly,
something sacred to me

i lied my face off when i said that i would be okay,
it's never fine when you go away
these cuts run deep,
these scars are permanent, and always on display
this makes things difficult for me

head like an empty, sterile room
somehow i made a mess
like watching newborn babies crack from work-related stress


I am waiting 'til there's nothing left
I'm a prayer, all you see is breath
I am empty, I am skin and bones, I'm a ribcage
Well, I'm out the door with apathy
And I'm coming home with sympathy
I am realize, I am shame, I choose to stay here

You got a sign, so I pay the ransom
You felt sorry, so I felt a wrath come
Had a nice grip on my life 'til you twisted my arm

There's a song I love so much I stole
Every precious note I took, I sold
Now I spit out words 'til you see my lungs on the dancefloor
To a hopeless cause, I sold my soul
A romantic plastic piece of shit you can mold
Until I break into chokable pieces

And I open up like the back of a book
I ruin everything with just a quick look
I settle down like a rocket explodes
Hit the ground but how far out who knows


I'm dying tomorrow, did I do it right?
Did I remember to sleep in,
Take lots of pills,
Commit irreversible sins?
Did I at least try to kiss the prettiest girl at the right time?
Did I remember to keep your beer as full as mine?
Did I remember to say cheers?
Did I at least try to make sure everybody had a good time--had the best time?
Did I remember to stay up late?
Drinking for the fun, singing for the taste
Did I run outside to kiss the rain under electrical skies?
I'm dying tomorrow


tonight never ends if we never go inside,
the moon is always full,
your calendar is always pinned on summertime

were you planning on staying forever?
you don't fit in this hole
or don't you remember?
hold your breath
walk, don't run through the graveyard

i'm just scared i might never say goodbye
i won't be around to hold you down,
pry open your ears and ask you why

is this why you've worked so hard?
is this why you've run so far?
same place, same hello, same goodbye
helps you pick through beat up insides


just some words of advice
you may have heard them before but here goes,
just be true to yourself
if it lands you in hell, at least now you know loud and clear
if your life's big and bright
some of the places you'll someday go
with one million things holding you down,
now you're one of those things
I don't know, no big deal, gotta go

If you're up to your ears
In blood, sweat and wasted years
I'm hoping you're going to open your throat
And just scream

You have to know when, why
Which ones miss you when you die
You have to know a second guess ain't worth the salt in your eye


It's been a long time since I've been close to you
It's been a long time since I've been sad
It's been a while since I've really spent time with you
Wish I could take back the times that I had
The only thing that you ever really did for me
Was make me oh so miserable
And the hope that I never see your face again
Is anything but questionable
I hope this is goodbye

There was a time when I thought you were a friend to me
I think those times I was probably just drunk
And if they offered a test about being a good friend
I'd put money down that you'd surely flunk
The only thing that you ever really took from me
Were my records to sell them for dope
Now all I have left is this heart in my chest
And my happiness helping me cope


14 hours unfed--I spent the last cents in my head
They're worth much less than pennies now


The sunrise fills your eyes, cannot hear your cries
Pleading please just go away, I can't take another day of this
No suprise, a surplus of lies, freed from the skies

Is there something that I missed?
Can't even take another day of this
She can't recall the last time she avoided it
Lower than piss, have you ever felt like this?
Judging by your eyes like crystal balls
Madam Me is predicting that your answer will be yes